9 Party Planning Tips

Planning a kid’s party can be a stressful business! This is why we are always so busy 😊 but if you do want to take on the challenge yourself, then you need to remember there’s a lot to organise – so don’t leave it until the last minute.

So, to help you out, we’ve put together 9 tips on how to stay organised.

1. Choose your theme

This one’s crucial, you can’t set a budget of start shopping until you have picked a theme, well, until your child has picked their theme 😊

2. Set yourself a budget

This is important, when you’re planning a party, costs can very quickly escalate. Maybe price up a few of the items you might want to include, this might help you decide how much you want to spend.

3. Pick a date, a venue and prepare the guest list

The date is the easy bit, the venue can sometimes be trickier. Throwing a party at home may sound like a good idea because you keep the costs down but you could be limiting the number of guests you can invite, and with a kids party, the mess might be too much for your post-party. So, if you have the budget it might be a better idea to hire a venue.

4. Send your invites

People can get booked up so much in advance nowadays. We recommend sending your invites about four weeks before the party to avoid people making conflicting plans, especially around the summer holidays when people are often away.

5. Stock up on party supplies and decorations

This is our favourite part! Shopping for decorations and props is so much fun and you can very quickly get carried away. Places like Amazon and eBay are a great source of party decorations like balloons and pom-poms, you can even buy your own helium and fill your own for a more professional feel.

6. The birthday cake

If you’re like me then you’re no Nigella, so you won’t be baking this yourself, so be sure to order this a few weeks in advance to ensure sure it’s ready on time, If you are brave enough to attempt this yourself, then it’s a good idea to do a few trial runs on to avoid any disasters. Instagram has some great ideas

And if the budget is a little tight, then you could always buy a pre-made supermarket cake and decorate it yourself.

7. Plan your party food

This can be a big task if you haven’t got a caterer, and you will need to plan this in advance too, make sure you accommodate for different diets and check with the parents if any of the children have any food allergies. Again, this is a big task, so you might need to rope in some help from family or friends, so you have enough ovens and fridges for the food.

8. Decorate the venue

Get in as early as you can to decorate the venue, you wouldn’t believe how time-consuming hanging pomp poms and blowing up balloons can be and if you have things like a bouncy castle, you need to make sure these are delivered early enough and secured.

9. Get the party started!

Nothing else to be said, have fun and take lots of pictures!